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Distributed and Networked Systems (Seminar) - Winter 2020/21

A distributed system consists of a set of independent subsystems that fulfill a specific task in a coordinated fashion. The subsystems rely on a communication network to exchange messages. Besides the basic networking functionality, non-functional aspects such as robustness, dependability and performance need to be provided. This seminar will cover such topics in a conference-style setup.


The kickoff meeting will be on Dec 17, via Zoom, see Moodle course (linked below).

Open to B.Sc. and M.Sc. students (incl. Applied Computer Science).
There is a limit of 8 participants.
You need to grab a paper on Dec 22, first come first served. See kickoff slides in Moodle.

Language of Instruction: English, German only if absolutely necessary
Contact: Alexander Scheffler, M.Sc.

Moodle course